Robin. 18. Poet. ISFJ. Canadian. Camp staff 2014. Oxford comma enthusiast. Worshiper. Metalhead. Mouth of Joy.
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  • Confession time: At camp, when I had the youngest campers, they would drain me to the point where if they were being loud and hyper when they were supposed to be quiet, I would lay on my bed, try to sleep, and let them be hyper.

    Unpopular opinion: I really like Bella Thorne’s song, “Call It Whatever”. It’s pretty catchy!

    its so sweet and nice to see such a christian person like me im so happy to know you love god it makes me happy to know the people im following are religous and christian like me :) xx

    Asked by Anonymous

    Aw thanks! I appreciate that!


    Who is ready for chilly nights, pumpkin spiced lattes, hoodie & jeans, bonfires, crisp air, cider mills, hayrides, haunted houses, 13 nights of Halloween, apple cider, fall candles, changing leaves, carving pumpkins, and walks in the woods. I know I sure am!

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    “ I’m not sure we can ever fully grasp the love of God on this side of Heaven…However, you owe it to yourself to TRY. You owe it to yourself to discover what love IS, because we as Christians represent (and often misrepresent) the love of Christ! If we truly, truly understood just how deep the Father’s love for us; how vast beyond all measure; that steadfast agape love that sent Jesus to the cross and kept Him there…and saw Him submit to death and overcome it…if we could even BEGIN to grasp that love, our lives and the lives of those around us would look radically different. God IS love. The Christian walk is to learn to be more like Him. We cannot call ourselves children of God without understanding His very identity. Learn about love. Learn TO love. It’s all in the Bible - open it! Your life and the lives of those around you will begin to change by the authenticity of your love, and the understanding of God’s. That, I gurantee. ”

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